Dmitri Chavkerov of Golden State

Source: Dmitri Chavkerov Official Google Site

Dmitri Chavkerov is Russian entrepreneur, who was born in Siberia, Russia in 1982. Dmitri Chavkerov went to Beverly Hills high school in California, USA, and graduated in the class of 2000 on principal’s honor roll. While in high school, Dmitri Chavkerov received 6 Golden State Awards in 6 different subjects. He received high honors in geometry, honors in algebra, and recognition in biology, chemistry, English, and government. These awards qualified Dmitri Chavkerov to receive golden state diploma. He was the only person in his graduating class to graduate with golden state diploma. After graduating from Beverly Hills high school, Dmitri Chavkerov was accepted to Queen’s University in Alberta, Canada, which at the time was considered #1 business school in Canada. Dmitri Chavkerov never went to Queen’s University. Instead, he partnered with former owner of biggest construction company in Russia, Alexander Drannikov. Together they started their own brand of boxing equipment and porcelain dolls. They also did some business in the fields of electronics and jewelry/watches.

In 2002, Dmitri Chavkerov dissolved his partnership with Alexander Drannikov, and in 2003 was invited by multimillionaire Glenn Pennock of Netherlands to become a partner in his new IT company start-up in the US. Glenn Pennock is a quite famous figure in Netherlands, who started the first web design company in Europe, which at its peak was worth $500 million. Dmitri Chavkerov accepted the invitation, and partnered with Glenn.

In 2004, Glenn Pennock decided to move his company from the US to Netherlands, and he invited Dmitri to stay. Dmitri Chavkerov denied the invitation. Glenn went on to Netherlands and reached success by securing contracts with Ebay Netherlands and Coca Cola. Dmitri Chavkerov, on the other hand, ventured into real estate business in Southern California, eventually partnering with multimillionaire Michael Street of Street Inc.

In 2005, Dmitri Chavkerov formed his own company Elite Universe Inc., and in 2006 started, which is currently the biggest and most reputable forex reviews website in the world with more than 20 million annual page views. Forex Peace Army is owned by Elite Universe Inc. of which Dmitri Chavkerov remains 100% owner. Elite Universe Inc. also owned other forex websites in the past that are no longer active.

By 2007, Dmitri Chavkerov became well known figure in some investment circles, and was invited to manage $500 million in $1 billion dollar fund, in exchange for 30% performance fee. Mr. Chavkerov denied the offer.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Dmitri Chavkerov is also a recognized athlete in the sports of running, tennis, skydiving, and triathlon.

Dmitri Chavkerov started running and playing tennis in 1996, during his freshman year of high school. He showed very promising results in both 1 mile and 1.5 mile distances and was invited to join high school’s track and field team. Dmitri denied the invitation, because he wanted to focus on tennis. At the time, Beverly Hills High School’s tennis team was in the top 5 in the US. Their #1 player was #1 ranked junior in the US in 16s and under. In his sophomore year, Dmitri passed try-outs and became accepted into Beverly Hills High School’s junior varsity tennis team. By junior year, he was one of top players on the JV tennis team. By senior year, Dmitri Chavkerov was already ranked in the state and given a position on the BHHS varsity team.

After leaving high school, Dmitri Chavkerov continued to play tennis and participated in quite a few tennis tournaments in the 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, and open divisions. In 2007, he was in the top three position in 5.0 Los Angeles tennis league, and got to the finals of the league’s playoffs. During one of the league’s matches, Dmitri defeated James Conway, who at the time was occupying top 10 rankings in the State of California 4.5 tennis division.

In 2001, Dmitri Chavkerov got into the sport of skydiving, and eventually went on to receiving a skydiving license and joining the United States Parachute Association. Dmitri Chavkerov went on to make hundreds of skydives, had a picture of one of his skydives appear in the Parachutist Magazine, and eventually started training to compete in World’s Skysurfing Competition. Dmitri Chavkerov never entered the competition.

In 2004, Dmitri Chavkerov participated in the olympic triathlon in Maui. Approximately 500 people participated in the race. Dmitri Chavkerov got 3rd place in his age division. Here is a link with the results:

Currently Dmitri Chavkerov trades and invests his own money, remains CEO and 100% owner of, and offers business and investment consulting packages at a rate of $10,000/hour with 6-hour minimum. He likes to meditate, do yoga, go for walks in nature, travel, and spend time with his wife and two sons.